Once you have completed the license registration and the activation process, you will have to log in with correct credentials. This ensures that only you and not anyone else can access information.

Archive storage

XPredator has a fast-access based on a highly flexible automated storage and retrieval system that grants you to easily view the recordings made. It has a structured data archive available that allows you to streamline the management and the update of the information and carry out research. You can view the date, time and the camera connected to a specific event, the operator who has the capability to intervene whenever the situation requires, and any relevant notes. Using the search box at the top of the page, you can easily check the presence or absence of an event by searching for camera, event name, or event date. The archive has unlimited storage capability and the cloud allows you to save data on servers, making them accessible over the Internet.


XPredator lets you have a clear view of your usage status informing you of the number of days before license expiration and its level, and allows you to logout ensuring data protection and data security.

Monitoring Area

You will be able to monitor the situation in real time in order to intervene when the security alarm sounds, detecting hidden items stolen by shoplifters and taking action where necessary. It is possible to display the area monitored by a selected camera in full screen, or by all the present cameras at the same time.

Control Areas Configuration

You will initially configure one or more thermal cameras and you can change their number with the option Add Camera (+) or Delete Camera whenever you want. Later, you will define the monitoring areas by configuring the detection area parameters and selecting one of the three color palettes and temperature scales depending on the needs of each store. The pencil icon will allow you to draw and then define the desired area, the arrow icon to select and edit the area parameters, and the Trash icon to remove a default area. You will also be able to track all groups and users who are logged into your account.


XPredator uses adaptive learning algorithms for event detection, providing high-quality images with adequate contrast in any condition. Once Machine Learning algorithms detect events, data is analyzed by a centralized system.


XPredator is an intelligent video computing solution that is capable of interpreting thermal images generated by every IP cameras used, in order to generate events (alarms) to be brought to the attention of security personnel. Thanks to the real-time analysis of frames generated by cameras the application is able to detect hidden food, excluding false positive and false negative alarms. Detection takes place through the thermographic analysis of the images received, by exploiting the physical principle that a storage temperature of -2° to 10°C is satisfactory for the preservation of most fresh foods. The thermal difference detected by the system in the control area is represented by a thermal image combined with the color palette available and the predetermined temperature scale. The user will also be able to define and configure the different control areas.


XPredator is a smart system that changes its layout and manages content depending on the device used to access (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and the operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). It automatically adjusts to screen size, orientation and resolution.