XPredator is based on the comparison of the temperatures detected by thermal imaging cameras which permit the identification of stolen goods thanks to an artificial intelligence video analysis software. 
Whenever significant differences in temperature or heat distribution are detected, an alarm displayed on a monitor that can be verified by an operator is generated. Subsequently, the event will be archived.


XPredator is a successful solution for protecting the most stolen food items from theft, especially fresh and frozen meat, poultry and seafood, cheese, personal care and hygiene — perfumes, cosmetics – wine and spirits. The key to its success are the great benefits and advantages that people enjoy.

- Elimination of thefts and consequent losses

- 50% reduction of inventory shrinkage

- Increase of the budget

- Maximum privacy

- Non-invasiveness


Intuitive and easy to use software

The easy and intuitive management is a central feature of xPredator. A large number of software properties have been developed specifically to simplify programming and make it handy and accessible to everyone.


Using a camera positioned above each checkout, xPredator can accurately identify stolen fresh food and drink from supermarkets and grocery stores and can be used as a form of surveillance to detect and deter shoplifters who with complete nonchalance hide cheese, ham, tuna canned and even high-quality whiskey and vodka bottles, and many others. It can also be used as an intrusion alarm system.

Remote access

Real time remote access to configure parameters and adjust detection areas ensures safety and comfort. XPredator is compatible with all main operating systems and fixed and mobile devices, which means any update installation problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Using a set of latest generation methodologies and techniques, xPredator is able to process information in an intelligent way, which is all information relevant to human intelligence.

Positioning versatility

NEXO’s innovation, which utilizes automatic or manual configuration, can be easily implemented in existing fields. An operator can control areas that need to be monitored and can examine the situation in order to take action where necessary.


XPredator can be customized by configuring detection area parameters and choosing the perfect color palette according to the needs of each store.